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Forex Screener provides free technical analysis forex scanner to help traders find forex pairs for swing trading. Forex technical analysis is important to trade successfully in the forex market, and we created this site so traders don't have to search for forex pairs manually. This FX Scanner filters the forex market based on technical analysis and forex chart patterns. Our Forex Market Scanner scans for many popular forex indicators such as moving average, exponential moving average, macd crossover, stochastic crossover, RSI scan, forex candlestick patterns, average true range (ATR), Commodity Channel Index (CCI), bollinger band crossover, and so on. There are a set of parameters and forex patterns that you can use to scan for the latest signals, helping you to decide which pair to trade the next day. You can also view historical forex patterns so that you can study and backtest your forex trading strategies and results.

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Forex Candlestick Screener

Bullish Candlestick Patterns
Bullish Engulfing Forex
Bullish Harami Forex
Inverted Hammer Forex
Hammer Forex
Doji Forex
Morning Star Forex
Bullish Doji Forex
Three Outside Up Forex
Above The Stomach Forex
Bullish Kicker Forex
Last Engulfing Top Forex
Three Line Strike Forex
Three White Soldiers Forex
Bullish Side By Side White Line
Bullish Meeting Lines Forex

Bearish Candlestick Patterns
Bearish Engulfing Forex
Bearish Doji Forex
Bearish Kicker Forex
Hanging Man Forex
Shooting Star Forex
Bearish Harami Forex
Dark Cloud Cover Forex
Evening Star Forex

Forex MACD Screener

MACD Crossover
MACD Crossover Above 0
MACD Divergence
MACD Cross Down
MACD Cross Down Below 0
MACD Bearish Divergence

Forex RSI Screener

RSI Oversold
RSI Overbought

Forex Stochastic Screener

Stochastic Oversold
Stochastic Overbought

Forex Moving Average Screener

SMA Forex Screener
EMA Forex Screener

Forex ATR Screener

Forex PPO Screener

Forex CCI Screener

Forex Gainers & Losers

Gap Up Forex
Gap Down Forex
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Forex Market Scanner

If you are new to forex trading and not sure how to use our forex scanner, please do some research on technical analysis or read a related forex book. If you have any questions about our FX Scanner, feel free to contact us.

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